Casting Call:
incarceration Nation
Producer/Production Company: Kino Sum Productions

Director: Bruce Miller (commissioned by the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival)

Type of Production: Short Film 

Name of Agreement and/or Payment Rate: ACTRA, $200 per day

Shoot Date(s): June 21, 22, 23

Shoot Location: Calgary

Initial Submissions by invited self tapes via email 

Submission Deadline: May 15 by 5pm

Callback Date: May 18

Submission E-mail Address (electronic submissions only):

Please submit a self-tape of no more than three minutes where you respond the following questions:

What character(s) are you auditioning for
Who you are, where you’re from, and how you got into acting
Why are you interested in this story?
Have you or someone you’ve spent time with been in jail?

Videos can be shot on a phone with clear audio and video quality, and can be sent via google drive, vimeo, youtube or wetransfer. 

Logline: After Joseph is released from jail, he faces inner demons that stand in the way of true freedom.

Roles and Character Descriptions:

Joseph (lead)
Male identifying
Age: 25-35
Bio: Recently released from the penitentiary for good behavior, but he wasn’t always known for his good behavior. Quiet, athletic and intelligent. Still struggles with demons from the past. Very powerful man, in many ways, yet vulnerable in others.   

Male identifying
Age: 50-65
Bio: Thoughtful, an old sage. He has lived many lives. From criminal to social worker. Once considered a warrior but now finds himself as a wise old man. Has a paternal quality to him, the father you always needed. Empathetic. 

Male identifying
Age: 25-35
Bio: Arrogant, always looking out for #1, him. Has very little regard for others, or their feelings. But likes to play it off as he is the best around but is really weak and feeble. Second in command, but more or less, runs operations. 

Male identifying
Age: 35-45
Bio: Manager/Owner of the Thrift Store, but you wouldn’t know it, by his demeanor. Struggles to be progressive, in a woke world. Ignorant to his surroundings and the environment, but likes to think he’s intuitive. 

Probation Officer
Any gender
Age: 30-40
Bio: PO for too many years. Seen too many clients. All about business.